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Softrade Jawi Writer Online/Offline

Includes all sets of Jawi letters and Arabic. Providing all the diacritics and special signs in the Al-Quran Rasm Uthmani. It does not require Arabic Windows, - Typing Jawi / Arabic without requiring Arabic Keyboard. Choice of letters displayed on the screen. Provide "Cut, Copy & Paste". Writing can be exported to all kinds of "word processor" and "DTP Software" which allows the format RTF (Rich Text Format).

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Arabic Calligrapher Sites

Galeri Khat & Grafik
Ustaz Nik Abdul Rahman Zaki Nik Abdul Kadir
Darul Khat
Ustaz Abdul Baki Abu Bakar
Firdaus Mahadi Callidesign
Firdaus Mahadi

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