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Khatboard : The Visualizer Projector for Calligrapher Presentation

Khatboard is a tool to assist in teaching the art of Calligraphy written especially for the Islamic Education Teachers who teach subjects Jawi in Year 6 of primary school. Muslims all Year 6 pupils will learn two types of writing Calligraphy Naskh Calligraphy and Calligraphy Riq'ah.

This tool was created to facilitate the process of teaching writing Calligraphy especially for schools with no blackboard.

Khatboard also fully utilized during the course organized by the Calligraphy Writing Islamic and Moral Education Department (IMED @ BPI), the Ministry of Education since 2005. Many higher education institutions have been using this tool in their PnP process.

Among them are the Univ. Malaysia Kelantan (Faculty of Design and Fashion - Teach batik painting), IIUM (Co-Curriculum Unit), International Islamic University Mug (subject Calligraphy Skills), Univ. Sains Islam Malaysia, Universiti Malaya (Co-Curriculum Unit), IPG Kampus Islamic education and also used in the laboratory of Science, Biology and Chemistry at Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang.

This tool resembles OHP or Visualizer function that will display a color image on the LCD screen projectors or conventional TV. It can also be used to display text book, painting, 3D objects, sacred verses of the Quran and so on.

Cara Penggunaan Khatboard Visualizer

For more information, visit official Khatboard Visualizer here.

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