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DEVELOPMENT Kufi calligraphy writing style in Malaysia was growing and widely used either for decoration or for the purpose of preaching

Just look at the official logo used Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. Logo museum built in the shape Kufi Murabba work and this clearly shows in the museum's signature.

What is important in calligraphy is the legibility of a font and message conveyed through every calligraphy works.

President of the National Association of Calligraphy (PSKK), Mohammed Yusof Abu Bakar, 82 told, Kufi calligraphy art and should be in accordance with technological developments.

"Kufi calligraphy born in Iraq and it is produced in the form of bricks. It is organized and used as decorations in mosques and homes. If seen, Kufi calligraphy works the same as using a computer works such as those produced by Foks community.

"What I can see, the content available at the present Kufi calligraphy is not the slightest change the way traditional calligraphy.'s Just a different method of production only. Additionally, it can be completed in a short time," he said.

Although calligraphy can be generated by computer, Mohammed Yusuf insisted that every Muslim must know to write Jawi writing by hand because it is the centerpiece in the production of khat writing interesting.

"Apart from the verses of the Quran which is produced using Kufi calligraphy works, I suggest that young people apply this work to use the words of wisdom or parable that will grab people's attention," he said, which have demonstrated their work on the new banknotes khatnya Bank products.

Readability be priority

SEE the writings in the form of a square, people would be hard pressed to guess that it is one of the branches in calligraphy.

However, beauty is indeed able to attract people to learn and know the features contained in calligraphy, known as khat kufi.

Khat is divided into a variety of designs including Basit Kufi calligraphy, calligraphy musattar Kufi, Kufi calligraphy mutalasiq, Kufi calligraphy and calligraphy Kufi Murabba muwarraq. However, among Kufi calligraphy are popular in our country today is Kufi Murabba.

Who would have thought just by using computer software, individuals can learn how well the method works by calligraphy Kufi Murabba more easily.

"By simply using Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Illustrator Inkscape, everyone can learn and practice their creativity through Kufi calligraphy," said a calligraphist Kufi, Ariff Ashaari, 49.

Arif was originally interested in the traditional calligraphy nasakh khat, khat khat Diwani thuluth and then choose Kufi calligraphy as one of his daily income by selling the works of calligraphy.

According to Ariff, he was heavily inspired to learn the art of informal through a community Facebook page.

Discuss the many community affairs Kufi calligraphy that sometimes cause confusion among the public.

"I was among the early practitioners Friends Of Kufi Square (Foks) since 2010. Topics frequently discussed by our overall depictions of Kufi calligraphy without touching the technical aspects of the other calligraphy works.

"Kufi calligraphy sometimes cause confusion to the public, especially readability affairs Kufi works. Community is dismantling various problems that are often done by players calligraphy and give the best solution, especially the technical aspects of the production of Kufi calligraphy," he said when asked about the objectives Foks key.

Ariff effort that makes khat as a livelihood in his life coincided with a remark that was expressed by 'Ali of "Be cured writing, because it is one of livelihood."

Grid ratio

Kufi calligraphy is not a work that can be underestimated as khat is also using verses from the Quran as the main subject in every production of his work.

Kufi calligraphy evidence that Islamic values ??have high was through there in space decorative mihrab mosque built by the Prophet in Medina, the Prophet's Mosque.

Nabawi Mosque in space, set two verse of the Quran Surah al-Ahzab, verse 40 and Surah at-Tawbah verse 128 which is the main decoration on the left and right of the mihrab of the mosque.

The other players are active Kufi calligraphy through Foks, Adrin Zainuddin, 33, tells, each member Foks also strive to create work in contemporary calligraphy Kufi Murabba Kufi work so easily accepted by all walks of life.

"We started a dialogue on Facebook since 2010 and most of the topics we discuss is about experimentation hijaiyah letters (Alif, ba, ta) used in Kufi calligraphy.

"We are very concerned about discipline in every production Kufi calligraphy works. Due to this, we have introduced the ratio of the grid as a guide by the members to drive their Kufi method of work. Currently, the work produced by members Foks appears clearly readable by the public, "said Adrin.

Group of interested individuals about and solutions involving arithmetic and geometric logic certainly attracted to Kufi calligraphy as an art involves typesetting technique is one of the essential basis.

"Most of the work Kufi sold today do not follow the proper standards, particularly in typesetting. Calligraphist will exaggerate physical letters to meet space and to beautify their works.

"The act is without conscious destroyed originality letter used in the Quran thus denying the readability of the work as well as add to the confusion the public," added Adrin.

According to him, skeptical comments about Kufi calligraphy works of the artist is one of the challenges that had to digest it and Practitioners in other Kufi calligraphy.

"Some of them tell us this work to reverse the verses of the Qur'an. But we have evidence that we are on the right track because there Kufi work based on the Prophet's Mosque and the temple," he said.

Preaching through calligraphy works

Apart from sharing the opinion of Kufi calligraphy, Foks also one medium to each new member to learn the techniques for producing the artwork.

By simply uploading their work on Facebook, Foks members will discuss techniques used by new members and if you have trouble reading the work, together they will help improve the work.

Not only focus on production work Kufi interesting and easy to read, work in also one preaching to the people.

"Khat Kufi able to attract non-Muslims to Muslims interested in art. It is at least a sense of their interests and provide information that Islam also has a great work of art," says the founder of Facebook Foks, Khalid Abdul Wahab, 39.

He cited two writers khat migration causing their world-class converts the Frank Koachi Honda from Japan and Muhammad Zakariya from the United States after learn the techniques of calligraphy.

According to Abdul Wahab, who is also a teacher of Islamic education subjects in the National School Dato 'Keramat, Kuala Lumpur, to learn calligraphy Kufi period is short compared to the other calligraphy.

"In school, I also teach the students of calligraphy calligraphy sketches and calligraphy riqah nasakh. With the development of technology that can be applied in the production of calligraphy, the students will be more interested in Kufi calligraphy.

"The establishment of the Facebook page Foks able to uphold the Kufi calligraphy to a higher level.

"We argue about matters affecting the public's understanding of Muslim art. Besides, we also strive to preserve the sanctity of calligraphy mostly composed of verses of the Quran," he said, which also served as the executive council of the
National Association of Calligraphy (PSKK).

Source: Kosmo

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